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Raving pro-life lunatics

As you know by now, Obama officially has the nomination of the pro-death Democratic Party. Money is flowing into his campaign from the radical homosexuals, God-haters, and baby-killers all over the country.

Yes, we on the Left love death. We want to spread death as far and wide as possible. That’s why we support war in Iraq! (Oh wait, we don’t.) That’s also why we support capital punishment! (Oh wait, we don’t.) That’s also why we want to put commercial interests over the environment, in hopes of creating a global climate crisis! (Oh wait, we don’t.)

If these idiots really believed in a culture of life it would be a philosophy that extended further than abortion. That don’t have a culture of life, they have a culture of theocracy, where their religious views are the law of the land.

I respect that some people truly believe abortion is murder. That doesn’t excuse this inane rhetoric at all. Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue — are you an idiot.

Abortion is not murder

Murder is the unlawful killing of a person. Fertilized eggs are not people. Thus abortion is not murder. Q.E.D.

I don’t understand at all why people believe so strongly that abortion is murder. At conception we are talking about a single celled organism. How can such a thing have civil rights? I think religion leads people to this weird view: they think God must stuff a soul in there at the moment of conception.

Let me be clear: I hold human life to be “sacred”, in a secular sense. I think personhood is the very pinnacle of our civil rights. I think we should guard human life very carefully and make certain people are not unlawfully denied the right to life, from which all other rights follow.

That is why I can’t understand people who feel so strongly for human life that they use it as their sole criterion when electing a President and yet they ignore Darfur and Iraq, not to mention good ol’ poverty, which have taken the lives of millions of people.

If you think human life is sacred, why the fuck are you so willing to kill people?