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Hedge funds and hemp

Andrew Lahde, whom I have never heard of, apparently made a bunch of money betting against the sub-prime market. He recently closed his fund and wrote a “Jerry McGuire” letter saying so long and fuck you, basically.

He concludes the letter by talking about how the this nation has its head up its ass in regards to hemp and marijuana. He is, of course, completely correct. But I mention it because the media, in all of their stupidity, take his arguments and, by trying to be funny, expose the very ridiculous thinking he is arguing against. For example, one headline is “Quitting, and rolling a fattie…” and another “Millionaire puffs up hemp uses”. You can’t advocate for hemp or decriminalization of marijuana without some idiot calling you a stoner.

The US approach to the hemp issue is completely, 100% retarded. Yet regardless of who brings it up the pot smoking jokes come out, undermining the utter validity of the arguments. You can be a complete drunk, that’s A-OK, but mention marijuana and you are obviously some drug pusher.

So, fuck you, Andrew Willis, and your oh-so-funny headline. Thank you for taking us off the point once again.